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Featured Collection: In the Shadows...In the Light

Featured Collection: In the Shadows...In the Light

Featured Collection: In the Shadows...In the LightFeatured Collection: In the Shadows...In the Light

About Cyn

What started out as a hobby....

Quickly became a lifelong passion for the arts.

Based out of Denver, CO  my specialties are graphic arts, website design and photography.

My career began when a close friend of mine was tired of working on my photos and at the time bought me Photoshop 3 (waaaaaay before CC, CS, etc) and a book "Photoshop for Dummies" and told me to figure it out...ever since then I have been hooked.  Something about having a blank canvas and creating a masterpiece (even if you are the only one that sees the beauty in it)

I took photography in high school with my dad's vintage Argus C3 35mm camera.  I remember all of the black and white photographs that camera produced...but what I loved most was developing my own film....since then I have been hooked on capturing that "right" "not-so-right" image.

Creativity is a way of life for me and I think my work speaks passionately for itself.

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